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How do you know if your partner is suffering from depression or not?

Depression can happen to anyone at any time. The types of depression are quite different from general moodiness. If it lasts for a long time, it can reach the level of mental illness. A person suffering from depression may experience deterioration in relationships with close people and may break marital relations. So try to understand whether your partner or loved one is suffering from depression. In that case, you can try to solve it yourself or take expert advice if needed.

How do you know if your partner is suffering from depression or not?
How to know if your close partner is suffering from depression or not

How to know if your close partner is suffering from depression or not?

Many times you may not even realize that he is going through this mental depression. It has also been observed in many cases that it is difficult for some people to clearly understand the symptoms of depression! So notice these things about your loved one; Then you can understand whether he is suffering from depression or not. Let’s find out –

Prolonged depression

If you notice, your partner is upset most of the time and can’t get out of it; But it is a major symptom of depression. Many times they lose interest in the simple things of life. He began to think that the future and life were meaningless.

Reluctance to do hobbies

Things that your partner used to enjoy, no longer appeal to them. A person who used to love to write poetry, paint or travel, may be suffering from depression if his interest in these things has drastically decreased.

sleep disturbance

Another symptom of depression can be changes in sleep patterns. Insomnia or sleeping too much, tossing and turning during sleep, staying up all night, and sleeping all day can also be a cause of depression.

Changes in diet and weight

Depression can cause many people to change their eating habits. Many people experience an aversion to food due to stress. As a result, he consumes less food. From there he suffered from underweight and malnutrition. Many people eat unhealthy food and eat more than necessary to forget the emotional pain. Weight increases and various physical diseases appear.

Physical weakness and fatigue

Most people who suffer from depression feel physically tired. Feeling drowsy and tired during the day even after a full night’s sleep. Because of this, they are reluctant to do their daily work. Their performance at work and at home tends to decline.

Irritated and agitated

Many times a person suffering from depression gets excited very little. Expresses anger on small matters, cannot keep patience. All the time he is expressing annoyance about many common things. Cannot control anger and excitement.

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becoming antisocial

If the person who once loved spending time with family and hanging out with friends and colleagues slowly withdraws from them, it may be a sign of depression. People suffering from depression often start avoiding social events and gatherings.

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