Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni Announces Divorce from Husband Shariful Raj

Pori Moni’s Divorce from Husband Shariful Raj: Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni, known for her roles in popular films, has recently made headlines with the announcement of her divorce from her husband, Shariful Raj. This decision comes after a period of turbulence in their marriage.

Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni Announces Divorce from Husband Shariful Raj
Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni Announces Divorce from Husband Shariful Raj

Pori Moni Announces Divorce from Husband Shariful Raj

The couple’s relationship had been under scrutiny ever since the birth of their son, Shahim Muhammad Raj. While they initially seemed happy, rumors of strain and distance between them began to surface. It was apparent that things were not as rosy as they appeared.

Pori Moni and Shariful Raj first crossed paths while working on the 2021 film “Gunin,” and their on-screen chemistry soon turned into a real-life romance. After Parimani and Raj publicly acknowledged their relationship in January 2022, they tied the knot in a family affair later that month as married.

But finally, their sweet marriage did not last for more than a year. Reports suggest that differences emerged, leading to marital discord. Pori Moni, in a recent development, sent a divorce letter to Shariful Raj on September 18th, officially marking the end of their union.

Their separation is marked not only by emotional distress but also by legal actions. Allegations and counter-allegations have been made by both parties, pointing towards a strained relationship that they were no longer willing to salvage. Pori Moni, in particular, has expressed her desire for freedom from what she termed an “unpleasant blame game.”

The couple’s son, Shahim Muhammad Raj, has also been at the center of their tumultuous relationship. There were instances of togetherness followed by separation, highlighting the complexities of their personal lives.

Even the fifth marriage did not last, Parimony sent divorce papers to her husband Raj

As Pori Moni and Shariful Raj go through this tough time, many people are wondering why they decided to get divorced. Pori Moni says it’s because they couldn’t work things out and were feeling really upset.

Their situation reminds us that even famous people like Pori Moni can have relationship problems, just like anyone else. She’s a well-known actress in Bangladesh, but now she’s starting a new chapter in her life, leaving behind a part of her life that used to look very promising.

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As we learn more about what happened, we’re all curious and worried about how Pori Moni and Shariful Raj are doing. We hope they both find happiness in their future lives.

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