Some Important Things About Insurance as a Security Measure

Insurance: For you and every other, need some important things about insurance.

Because insurance refers to the assurance and risk taken by the other party in return for paying a certain amount of money (premium) as a tool to ensure the safety of human life and property and to deal with potential hazards.

History of insurance evolution

• Insurance has been evolving since 1400

The advancement of insurance begins with naval insurance.

he world’s first maritime insurance business originated, followed by fire insurance and life insurance

European merchants first introduced insurance through cooperatives

Indian The Indian Insurance Companies Act was first enacted in the Indian subcontinent in 1926 (amended and revised in 1936).

• 1st Precise and Coordinated Insurance Organization – ASPA (Amicable Society for Perpetual Assurance)

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Types of Insurance

Life Insurance Company (Life Insurance Co.)

Non-Life Insurance Company (General Insurance Co.)

History of insurance evolution in Bangladesh

Current Insurance Act in Bangladesh – 2009 (formerly the Insurance Act of 1938)

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• Currently Insurance Company – under the Ministry of Finance (formerly under the Ministry of Commerce)

• Insurance Regulatory Authority Ordinance was passed in Bangladesh in 2006

The Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority Act 2009 was passed in the third session of the Ninth Parliament

• At present all the insurance companies in the country are run by the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) – (formerly known as ‘Department of Insurance’).

Some important Things About Insurance

That is important things about insurance for Bangaldeshi people.

There are currently 8 insurance companies in Bangladesh, of which 2 are government (life insurance and general insurance); There are 6 private (2 foreign life insurance companies) insurance companies out of which 32 are “life insurance” and the remaining 48 are “non-life insurance” companies.

• Only life insurance companies work for life insurance in Bangladesh General insurance companies work for all other types of insurance (fire insurance, naval insurance, motor insurance, accident insurance, etc.)

• General Insurance has been renamed as “Non-Life Insurance Company Limited”.

The establishment of insurance companies in the private sector has been allowed since 1984

Importance of life insurance as a security measure

“Life” If “IF” is related to life. And to think about the three ultimate truths of life Death, Disability, Indemnity and to create a safety net if there is an opportunity for it.

Just as IPS illuminates the house by providing Instant Power Supply when the light goes out, so life insurance will help the family by providing Financial Power Supply when the light of life goes out.

But in that case IPS has to be charged through electricity in advance. Then the amount of light is available when needed. In such a case, to satisfy the successor in the absence of the insurer by explaining the planned assets at the urging of the company.

Know the Some Important Things About Insurance
Know the Some Important Things About Insurance

On the other hand, in the absence of hard work or other resources that his successors have to understand at their own urging, there is a possibility that they will sometimes be lost.

The earner of the family is the family ship. Relying on that ship (other) members dream of reaching the destination of success. If insurance support is guaranteed as “LIFE BOAT” and “Life Jacket” on the ship called “Jeevan”, the absence of the insurer guarantees some financial security to the family passengers.

So, you should to carefully know by rightly these important things about insurance for human life.

Insurance is now considered as the 8th basic need (food; clothing; housing; education; treatment and insurance) all over the world and has been made officially compulsory in many countries.


1 Most Popular Rumors About Insurance / Myth

This is some important things about insurance for us. Because-

“Damn Mia, so far hundreds of insurance companies have fled, one has closed in our village” !!

The number of insurance workers who have not received such information from the field level is rare.

Only uneducated people say this? Not at all, many educated people unknowingly slander about insurance and everyone else believes it!

When such an event are expected to be clear to everyone that the ……….

When a high school teacher was offered insurance, he said, these are closed every two days, with hundreds fleeing. When will you escape?

We told him, you have a phone in your hand, we have come a long way in information technology, any news from outside the house, information is within reach in a moment, yet wise, educated people like you, if you do not know, then the future of the nation Dark.
He said, then you mean I’m guessing? We told him very politely, we will not say anything, I will show you. Then I did a Google search and showed him the official web site information and showed him how many insurance companies have been approved in Bangladesh so far and how many have fled!
What can I do if I do not comment on the fact that hundreds of companies have fled to Peru, where the number of companies approved since independence has not yet reached half a hundred? Moreover, there are only the Some Important Things About Insurance .

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