U.S. President Joe Biden Receives Special Invitation to India’s Republic Day Extravaganza

New Delhi, India – In a heartfelt gesture of global friendship, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 26 surprisingly extended a warm invitation to US President Joe Biden to be the guest of honor at the upcoming Republic Day parade.

Biden is the chief guest on Republic Day Two other state leaders of the Quad may also be present
Biden is the chief guest on Republic Day Two other state leaders of the Quad may also be present

In 2018, the Indian government invited then-US President Donald Trump as the chief guest for the Republic Day program at Rajpath in New Delhi. Now 2023, maybe Biden will be the chief guest on India’s Republic Day. Also, two other state leaders of the Quad may also be present.

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While we await an official word from the US government, it is precisely in such circumstances that the sincere gesture will transcend politics and represent a lasting relationship between the two countries, officials said.

Biden is the chief guest on Republic Day?

I remember earlier; When former US presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama were invited as chief guests at India’s Republic Day parade. President Trump was invited in 2018, but he could not attend this special event in India due to his busy schedule. But President Obama’s appearance on Republic Day 2015 should not be forgotten, as he made history as the first US president to be part of a national festival tradition in democratic India.

However, it is being heard from special sources that apart from President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida may also be invited as special guests of Republic Day. One such startling initiative by the Modi government is aimed at Strengthening friendly relations between the “Quad” countries in the Indo-Pacific region, including India, the US, Australia, and Japan.

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (affectionately called “quadrant”), is gaining importance as a platform for regional security and diplomacy. Political experts believe that the possibility of the four leaders meeting in New Delhi will emphasize the role of the Quad in ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific, creating a platform for cooperation and understanding.

Although the authorities in charge of the Modi government are eagerly waiting for the response of the US, it is worth noting that the invitation will emphasize the enduring friendship between two democratic countries like India and America. It will highlight the important role played by the US in India’s global connectivity, particularly in the ever-changing Indo-Pacific region.

India’s Republic Day Parade is a spectacular display of the rich culture and military prowess of Indians, and above all holds a special place in the hearts of the people. If President Biden accepts the invitation, it will not only be a remarkable day but will emerge as a powerful symbol of the unbreakable bond between the world’s oldest and largest democracy.

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So, stay tuned to moneyBag24 for the latest updates on this heartwarming news, likely to witness a gathering of world leaders in New Delhi, all coming together in the name of peace and unity in the Indo-Pacific region.

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